Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Why I scrap

Here are two pages I've done for my 'why I scrap' album. They are one of George and Charlotte together and one of Charlotte. I've got loads of ideas jotted down to find the time to do, I did these first beacuse I like the pictures.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Why I scrap

Hopefully I'll have time later to photograph the Lo I've done for my why I scrap album as well. George is making a lego animation today so much of the day is being spent finding free programmes for drawing lasers on photos, etc!!!

New LO

This is a LO I made in the week of Gary taking George to see Chelsea play at Stamford Bridgel, this might be the last time they are able to go for a while as gary is going to havea back op at some point in the near future as it is it's a bit of a challenge him going at the moment and he has to take a waking stick which is hidden behind the flag in this photo. Once he's been he can't walk for 2 days but he's one of these men that would have to be very near death not to go to football!!!

I made a pocket for the tickets at the bottom of the LO as George likes to get them out and look at them.