Saturday, 26 May 2007

27th May 2007

Well a fun filled day sorting out the fish tank and buying new goldfish to keep our one (won at a fair and living forever) goldfish company. Decided it was about time he had some playmates so cleaned out the big tank and now they all look lovely swimming around together. The kids have tried naming them but naming 10 continually moving goldfish that pretty much look all the same is hard but quite funny to watch! The original is ok he's called Harry, and bigger than the rest so easy to spot, but the others, one of them has more black on him so he's called shrek, the others are called flounder, Gary!!!(George's contribution) Dory, Chunk, Salt, Pepper and 4 to be named at a later date!! I'll keep you posted, I can tell you're waiting with baited breath.

Did manage to go to a docraft demo and see a friend of mine there, so that was cool bought a few bits! just a few honest. Also managed to complete the when I grow up layout for the May 3rd week challenge on uk scrappers. The words at the botom say, Happy Times, Draining, Good Friends, Rewarding, Emotional, Challenging, Stressful, Supportive, Fun, Fantastic Kids & the journalling is hidden under the photo of me now, hinged with the arrow head and lifted with the ribbon tag.

Friday, 25 May 2007

25th May 2007

Well hurray the bank holiday has begun, not that I don't enjoy childminding but it's nice to spend time with my own 2!!!

They are exhausted tonight because they had a non uniform day at school and had races, egg and spoon, dressing up relay! and a balloon release and many other exhausting activities to celebrate the schools 20th anniversary. They each proudly brought home a mug the school gave to them. It was quite amazing no one dropped them on their way out of the classrooms they were all cradling them so carefully, bless them.

I hope to get some crafting done this weekend but must also give the bungalow a good old clean!!!

Next week is half term so we'll be out on little trips with the childminding children I must remember to take the camera for pics to go in their memory books.

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

22nd May 2007

Well so much for writing my thoughts everyday!!! The kids had a beach ball disco at school on Saturday, Charlotte had a fab time and we had bought her some new cotes, she actually asked for a dress, she hasn't worn a dress (apart from being a bridesmaid) since she was about 3. I did the layout for the week 3 challenge on ukscrappers. George wasn't so into it he wanted me to stay but was too shy to dance bless him, never mind there's always next year.

Sunday, 13 May 2007

12th May 2007

Well, I continued to search my partners family on when I'd looked at mine. When I got back to his Great Grandfather I found someone else who had done afamily tree and it turns out her mother is my mother inlaw's cousin and they had lost touch. She sent me some great photos of her great grandparents so now for my scrapbook page I have 6 generations of photo's on my side and five on his, so I'm very happy and can get to work putting it all together next weekend.

I've been making Christening cards today for someone at the school to choose from tomorrow & a freind of mine is opening a toy shop andhas said I can put a basket of cards on the counter so I'mvery excited about my first public outlet guess i ought to make some cards!!

Friday, 11 May 2007

10th May 2007

I spent lots of time last night and early this morning on , whenyou sign up the first three days are free, so I'm trying to get lots of searching done. Ive also assigned my Nana to looking through her photos and finding the earliest ones she has of her parents, grandparents for my pictorial family tree. I saw the idea a couple of months ago in scrapbook inspirations and it is perfect for the kids to see who their ancestors were. I think it will mean mre to them if I can show them pictures of people..
I think I'll go and spend a day in the Family Records Centre in the next few weeks and order some birth and marriage certifcates of as far back as I have found which is my great, great, great grandmother and grandfather who were born in 1809 & 1811. These should then give me a bit more information. It's fascinating stuff, I'm finding it even harder to get off the computer than normal!

Also we had ran today so I out down a bit of Grass seed on the bare patches in the garden so hopefully that will take in a few weeks.

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

9th May 2007

This is the layout for the May 2nd week challenge on ukscrappers. I forgot bling before the photo, but now I've added a small diamond to the end of the orange ribbon. I really must invest in a better camera as I can't zoom on mine and not being able to scan 12x12 layouts ends up with not a good picture.
Also got some needles for my sewing machine so hopefully get a bit of practice on that this evening.

Monday, 7 May 2007

7th May 2007

Felt like a prize plonker this morning when I plonked down on my kitchen chair which then proceeded to fall apart so I landed with a heavy bump on the floor, scraping my back and banging my arm, I shouted and everyone came dashing to the kitchen to see what had happened. There I was sitting in a pile of chair rubble, so you know what were saving for next!! My backs a bit sore but not too bad just feels a bit bumped!! No crafting today although I have prepared and matted some pictures for this weeks challenge on so will be able to finish that tomorrow sometime. Went to a family party (my other halfs side) today which was lovely meeting people I've not met before or seen much. Got to talk to lots of people about their families and heritage and they are going to look out old photos for me so that will be helpful for my pictorial family tree. Hopefully I won't wake up to bruised in the morning!!

Sunday, 6 May 2007

6th May 2007

Today I have done two layouts, to make up for not doing any crafting yesterday. One pictured of Gary and George at a farm we visited last month, inspired by the week 52 challenge. To include circles on a layout as they have been running a whole year(full circle) I have only just discovered this site but it is fab for inspiration
and another layout for an anniversary scrapbook (sshh it's a secret, my parents in law don't have a computer so I should be safe to mention it here!) I'll photograph it tomorrow as finished it tonight and no natural light.

I have also been reading with interest Shimelle Laine's blog and hope to start some of her daily challenges. I love the little felt hearts and have bought my felt dusted off my 'singer' sewing machine and when I have new needles on tuesday will give it a go. Love the idea of sewing but rubbish at it (due to never practicing, I hope) so will let you know how I go!!! Also the mango muffins look yummy so may have to try those with the childminding children and my own children (obviously) next week.

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

1st May 2007

Well another lovely sunny day here, although wind getting up now.

I have begun looking through my family tree stuff (about time as I started it when I was about 15) tonight so have written to a couple of relatives asking if they can give me some info, etc. Going to a family do of Gary's on Monday so I can hopefully quiz lots of people about their parents, aunts etc. Must make a list of the sort of things I want to know!! I feel like a journalist because I bought a new note pad to take with me. They'll probaby all think I'm bonkers.

Looking forward to doing some crafting tonight when kids in bed as Gary is watching footie.