Wednesday, 20 February 2008

This is a LO based on week 3's sketch from the 52 sketches site, it's rotated. I'm gradually catching up!!!!

This moment in the racing car was so great for me because George hadn't wanted to drive one the whole time he was at the party (racing car party), as he felt like he might not be able to do it and didn't want the others too see him do it wrong.

So when the ladies who were running it said he could have a go at the end when the other kids went for their party food he decided to give it a little try. As it turned out they had gone up to the balcony to eat and so could cheer him when he drove round the track which he coped with really well. He enjoyed it even though he does look rather pensive in the photos.

Too much of a thinker for a 6 year old, bless him. I'll be grateful when he's bigger that he doesn't make rash decisions but at the moment it makes childhood fun hard for him.

I will add the journalling later as I want to hide it and haven't decided the best way of doing this.


taniaj said...

Great LO Lindsay, hope he'll be happier if you take him again Tx

mandijane said...

It's a great LO and a moment to treasure because when he's wary of anything in the future you can remind him how worried he was at having a go and what a good job of it he made when he tried.....

LazyKay said...

That's a great page and his expression fits in with the situation so well - it will be a great memory and well done on getting him to have a go at last. A good boost for his confidence.

Re you hidden journalling, you could put it in a wee envelope, or, if it's not too late, hinge the photo so that it lifts up with a tab and the writing's underneath.

Well done!