Saturday, 24 May 2008

My Vegetable Garden

We finally got everything together for the raised veg bed, I wanted a rasied bed so that 1 I could have really good quality compost on top of my own improved soil which is a bit clay like ( I fixed it up a bit with some manure and grit!!) The stuff on top is really nice compost and it took 9 bags of compost to fill it. I have been growing some of the veg in a little greenhouse and after a slight disaster, the greenhouse blew over and everything went everywhere. So after I replanted everything and tied the greenhouse to the playhouse everything seemed to grow well.

The kids helped for a while!! they liked the raking best!

It's all planted out anyway and I guess we can see what happens!!!

Broccoli, Cauliflower, Carrots, Radish, Runner beans, Peas, Onions, Garlic, Lettuce

Can you tell it suddenly got very windy when I was taking the photo and all the leaves are billowing over, hope they manage to stay rooted!!


Lazykay said...

Oh well done! Your stuff will be delicious. We had some of our own rhubarb again today - yummy. I must send you a bit when it's time to split it - you can't pick any the first year.

Our spuds are growing and peas too but I think the local pigeons have their beady eyes on the peas! We might end up with no peas but eating pidgeon pie!

Well done.


Jay said...

Your bed looks great. I would like to grow veg but I think my chickens will eat it all.
I hope you enjoy your fresh veg.

Shirley said...

A very impressive veggie patch, I hope that you get a good harvest this year :)

mandijane said...

Looking forward to seeing the photo's as your patch starts to grow.....

Inspiration Alley said...

This made me smile. Can just visualise the greenhouse blowing over. We always had home grown vegetables as a child as my dad had an allotment. They really did seem to have so much more taste if they were cooked and eaten as soon as they were picked.

Enfys said...

Great garden. As much as I love fresh veg, I don't like growing it and save my limited space for flowers!