Sunday, 1 July 2007

New Month, New Blog Start

1st July 2007

I can't believe I last posted in May, where did June go. Anyway I'm here now and going to have a fresh start of updating!!! Before i get on to some layouts, Charlotte and I did our racce foe life yesterday which was great, even though it was throwing down with rain and very muddy!! We were fine once the aerobic warm up started and we got going. Got round the course in 29 minutes which is our personal best time as in our two practices we did 1hr and then 47 mins. Here we are doing our exercises beforehand.

This is a layout I did for the 'secret of scrapbooking', It's only a layout a week but I'm struggling to keep up. But going to makea bigger effort in july not to fal asleep at 8oclock with kids and then i might get some crafting done!!!!

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LazyKay said...

Wow, looks a nice stash - I'd like to have a scrabble around in there.