Saturday, 26 May 2007

27th May 2007

Well a fun filled day sorting out the fish tank and buying new goldfish to keep our one (won at a fair and living forever) goldfish company. Decided it was about time he had some playmates so cleaned out the big tank and now they all look lovely swimming around together. The kids have tried naming them but naming 10 continually moving goldfish that pretty much look all the same is hard but quite funny to watch! The original is ok he's called Harry, and bigger than the rest so easy to spot, but the others, one of them has more black on him so he's called shrek, the others are called flounder, Gary!!!(George's contribution) Dory, Chunk, Salt, Pepper and 4 to be named at a later date!! I'll keep you posted, I can tell you're waiting with baited breath.

Did manage to go to a docraft demo and see a friend of mine there, so that was cool bought a few bits! just a few honest. Also managed to complete the when I grow up layout for the May 3rd week challenge on uk scrappers. The words at the botom say, Happy Times, Draining, Good Friends, Rewarding, Emotional, Challenging, Stressful, Supportive, Fun, Fantastic Kids & the journalling is hidden under the photo of me now, hinged with the arrow head and lifted with the ribbon tag.

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LazyKay said...

Wow Lindschick, you've been busy with your layouts and they are looking good.

I see you have made a good contact on the family tree front - well done - saves a few hours (?days) trawling the web.

After my failure on holiday, I need to make a more serious start on my family's history now so I may come to you for advice.

Keep up the good work.