Tuesday, 22 January 2008


Finally getting back in the swing of scrapping, I thought I'd havea go at this weeks challenge on uks.

In 1924 the first Winter Olympic games opened in Chamonix, France.

So as a theme for your layout choose one of these aspects of Olympic games:

Courage or Strength,

Love or dedication (all athlete have a love and dedication to their particular sport),

Home or country = 10 pts

Use glitter on your photograph (can be any colour) to represent snow/ice = 5pts

To represent the downhill skiing or toboggan use a full length strip of paper or spiral (doesn't have to be white) = 10 pts

And because all the athletes are stars put at least one star on your LO = 5pts.Good luck and have fun!!!

I didn't use glitter on my photo as I obviously wasn't paying proper attention when i read the brief!! but the rest is there.


Mary B said...

Well done to both of you for completing the challenge of the race as well as the LO challenge

Hilary said...

Great lo and congrats on completing the race

mandijane said...

Great LO Linds x

LazyKay said...

What an excellent page and glad to see you've getting more visitors to your blog now - it's lovely reading the comments as I've found.

I love the journalling and isn't that a bit of glitter I spy on the star? Doesn't that count?

Did you write the word Challenge? It's great - I love it.


CraftyJodi said...

I like the idea of blogging now but it's totally addicting!!! You're doing well on your scrapbook pages.... keep up the good work :) BTW... did you put your shelves to good use?