Sunday, 13 January 2008

My Computer

is driving me nuts, it keeps shutting down, I'm changing to a wireless connection soon which apparently should help and they reduced the proce of my AOL package so I was pleased!! Nice to have something reduced for once.

The cat has taken a shine to my new shelves and I've had to leave a little space for him to sleep on one of the shelves otherwise he knocks eveything off.

I've not done much scrapping this week but I have altered a couple of notebooks as I've started my Diploma in HomeBased Childcare, (one evening a week) so I wanted my note books to look a bit nicer than a plain pad.

I've also been taking part in

It made my tigger mug feel very important having it's picture taken!!!


I've been good and kept a little journal everyday, I'm going to do my LO for the first week this afternoon, I'll try and pop it on later.


although I am yet to complete my first LO, good job it's 2 weekly prompts


LazyKay said...

WOW Lindschick - you're on a roll - good luck with your studies - I'm sure you'll enjoy them.

LOVE the cat's space on that shelf!

Some great blog links there and interesting things to get the thought processes kicked off too-I await the outcome with interest.


Pam said...

You are sure gonna be busy with all the challenges you're doing!