Monday, 21 January 2008

Dolls house Layout

This is a Lo I've wanted to do since Charlotte got her dolls house for Christmas, she got a few more bits for it at the big dolls house show we went to on Saturday so now has very cute crockery, mugs saucepans and teeny tiny cakes. She lets her littlest pet shop animals and bratz babies live in there a the moment.

Do you think it needs a title or is it self explanatory? I can't decide what the title should be so I've left it for a bit

Here are some pictures of the dolls house, it's so cute!!!



LazyKay said...

How about "Home sweet tiny home?"

I like your 'brick' backing paper.

Lovely wee house - I bet it was lovely at the show. I'd end up getting addicted to yet another thing.

Lovely pics - keep 'em coming.


mandijane said...

Love the colours on the LO but can I come and play with that dolls house too please?