Sunday, 10 August 2008


We have spent the last week camping in the Forest Of Dean with my brother and his kids which was fab. We all had a lovely time and feel revitilised by our break. We visited a number of places, Sculpture trail, a 4.5 mile walk which the kids did without any complaining. Puzzle wood, great mazes, Gary and I went to Chepstow races as we had won tickets and we had a lovely day out. The kids went with my parents to Dick Whittington Farm Park. Swimming, Clearwell Caves and had a picnic by the river Wye. Some of the photos are here at, thanks LK for showing me this site!!


LazyKay said...

Well your link worked perfectly, well done!

What great pictures - wow, this is going to be LOTS of s/b pages.

Everyone looks to be having a great time and wow, posh frock or what? I didn't know you could watch the races on the monitors at the same time as eating.

SO pleased you had a lovely time.


Amanda said...

Glad you had such a fabby time hun:)

Great piccies :)