Saturday, 2 August 2008


Well my dad has been home for nearly a week now and seems fine, apart from a couple of headaches, thanks for all your best wishes. We will see him next week as he is coming to visit us where we are camping. So that will be great.

We took the kids to Legoland on Thursday and had a brilliant time. As you can see from the pics I hope, we rode on the sky chairs, watched Johnny Thunder save the day, raced on the fire trucks and put out the fires!!! enjoyed our watermelon, and rode on the wave riders. All in all a good day was had by all and we certainly all slept well when we got home.

We are going camping for a week tomorrow, so catch you all soon. Hopefully with a lot of holiday pics for scrapping.


LazyKay said...

I had no idea that Legoland had such good activites.

GREAT pics - look forward to your s/b pages!

Glad you all enjoyed it.


jay670120 said...

looks like fun , great pics x