Monday, 18 August 2008

Year 6

When Charlotte goes back to school in September, she'll be in year 6. She had a list from school of things she will need to have. She was very excited about getting it and a lot of thought went into exactly which folder and pencil case she wanted. She chose a Mr Bump pencil case and a Mr Men and Little Miss Folder amongst all the other things, I think it's a preparation for secondary school. She was so pleased showing her dad and grandparents what she had that it really deserved a LO.

The sketch is one from UKS Summer Crop, (Friday 15th)

I'm in the process of doing 2 mini books as well, and will hopefully finish them tonight.


Kerry said...

My son goes into year 6 too this september. It is a very emotional and hard working year for them. Personally I'm dreading it LOL

Linda Elbourne said...

Good Luck Charlotte and great LO Mummy ... am looking forward to seeing the mini books now ;0)

LazyKay said...

Great page and lovely memento of yet another stage in her life!


Bagpuss said...

Suddenly they seem to grow up Linds! Enjoy your time together whilst she still wants to be with her Mum before it is considered "uncool"! Great page to mark a milestone that would otherwise be forgotten

Debsg said...

Good luck to your daughter for Year 6. With Mr Men goodies she'll do just fine. (I love Mr Men). Deb