Saturday, 14 February 2009

It's Saturday.

Blogger hasn't wanted me to blog over the last couple of days, but it appears to be letting me on now.

This is the only picture of George I could get as he flew by on his exercise ball!!!! However it captures the crazy spell he was going through this afternoon perfectly!! Charlotte's out at a Brownie Sleepover so no pic of her today. George really misses her when she is away as they generally play happily together obviously they do have the odd disagreement but mostly they play well.

Also a picture of some goodies I got for sending a card into beautiful cards magazine which was published in issue 29. I was very excited when it came in the post a few days ago. 2 great stamp sets, some decoupage and lovely ribbons.


Pam said...

congratulations on being published-what a lovely prize too!

Lesley said...

What loavely set of goodies.

my5bratz said...

YAY...congrats :0)

LOVE the pic of G, looks like he's "having a ball" lol

You're LOs are great too...well done you :0)

Nic said...

congratulations on being published :)

I love your picture of G - fabulous!

Julia Dunnit said...

OOh new stash. Me likey. Well done you.

LazyKay said...

LOL @ George, looks as if he's having a great time - good pic you've captured there.

Well done on your goodies - I love getting freebies.