Tuesday, 10 February 2009

What happened top last week

I forgot to be a blogger last week, not sure where the week went but I'm back now, typing as I listen to Charlotte coughing her head off, bless her everytime she lays down and is dozing off cough cough cough and she's awake again. She only stops coughing when she is deeply asleep so it takes ages for her to drop off.

Todays photo is the moon, when I was driving home from the leisure centre the moon was so full in the sky but i didn't have my camera. When I got home from my house it was so low you couldn't really see it through the trees but I got a few shots anyway I tried a few functions on my camera and go tthe best shot with the macro although I had to lean on the wheelie bins to stop myself wobbling otherwise the moon looked a very strange shape.

I went to a crop on Saturday, which was great, there was only a few of us and it was a really nice day out. I did a waterfall class in the morning and did another LO in the afternoon, I will pop them on here tomorrow. One of the ladies had made a litle flip book of page maps, I loved the idea so much that I am making one this evening, it's great for when you're having a mind block, just for a little inspiration.


Jo Power said...

Love your photo of the moon and I have to say the moon did look huge tonight. Can't wait to see your little book and your LO.

my5bratz said...

hope your daughter gets better soon...looking forward to seeing all your projects :0)

my5bratz said...

thanks for your comment Linds...even tho there are still fires burning in my state as well, the closest one to us is under control so we are fine here, thanks for asking :0)

Nic said...

I love your photo of the moon, it looks fantastic :)

LazyKay said...

Hope Charlotte gets well soon.

Lovely moon shot.

Looking forward to seeing your crop pieces.