Monday, 7 May 2007

7th May 2007

Felt like a prize plonker this morning when I plonked down on my kitchen chair which then proceeded to fall apart so I landed with a heavy bump on the floor, scraping my back and banging my arm, I shouted and everyone came dashing to the kitchen to see what had happened. There I was sitting in a pile of chair rubble, so you know what were saving for next!! My backs a bit sore but not too bad just feels a bit bumped!! No crafting today although I have prepared and matted some pictures for this weeks challenge on so will be able to finish that tomorrow sometime. Went to a family party (my other halfs side) today which was lovely meeting people I've not met before or seen much. Got to talk to lots of people about their families and heritage and they are going to look out old photos for me so that will be helpful for my pictorial family tree. Hopefully I won't wake up to bruised in the morning!!

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Anonymous said...

Hope you soon recover from your fall.

Sounds like you had a really good fact finding day.

Look forward to seeing your layout.