Friday, 11 May 2007

10th May 2007

I spent lots of time last night and early this morning on , whenyou sign up the first three days are free, so I'm trying to get lots of searching done. Ive also assigned my Nana to looking through her photos and finding the earliest ones she has of her parents, grandparents for my pictorial family tree. I saw the idea a couple of months ago in scrapbook inspirations and it is perfect for the kids to see who their ancestors were. I think it will mean mre to them if I can show them pictures of people..
I think I'll go and spend a day in the Family Records Centre in the next few weeks and order some birth and marriage certifcates of as far back as I have found which is my great, great, great grandmother and grandfather who were born in 1809 & 1811. These should then give me a bit more information. It's fascinating stuff, I'm finding it even harder to get off the computer than normal!

Also we had ran today so I out down a bit of Grass seed on the bare patches in the garden so hopefully that will take in a few weeks.

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