Sunday, 6 May 2007

6th May 2007

Today I have done two layouts, to make up for not doing any crafting yesterday. One pictured of Gary and George at a farm we visited last month, inspired by the week 52 challenge. To include circles on a layout as they have been running a whole year(full circle) I have only just discovered this site but it is fab for inspiration
and another layout for an anniversary scrapbook (sshh it's a secret, my parents in law don't have a computer so I should be safe to mention it here!) I'll photograph it tomorrow as finished it tonight and no natural light.

I have also been reading with interest Shimelle Laine's blog and hope to start some of her daily challenges. I love the little felt hearts and have bought my felt dusted off my 'singer' sewing machine and when I have new needles on tuesday will give it a go. Love the idea of sewing but rubbish at it (due to never practicing, I hope) so will let you know how I go!!! Also the mango muffins look yummy so may have to try those with the childminding children and my own children (obviously) next week.


Suzanne said...

Love how the you have used the circles to mimic the tractor tyres. Thanks for playing along with us :)

Anonymous said...

You've made a great job of this - what a great idea.

I like the links you're posting but I keep wandering off into this whole new world - I'll never get back into the real one at this rate!


Karen said...

Great page design, love how you slotted the photos inside the circles. Thanks for playing :)