Thursday, 1 January 2009


These are some of the pages from a paperbag album that I received from my friend, she sent me the album and some lovely bits to go with it for my birthday, I will add some more journalling and some ribbon for the edges over the weekend. It was great to collate all the Christmas photos together as I've not done a christmas alum before.

Lets see how long this whole taking a photo each day lasts!!

I took the photos and then realised I was wearing the funny headband that the kids laugh at me in!! Never mind the camera batteries on charge so I'm not taking new photos, the colours were really odd as well so I changed it to sepia and it looks better.


Kit said...

lovely photos

Nic said...

Lovely album :)

Shirley said...

Great album and I love the self portrait.

LazyKay said...

Great start to the new year - hope to see you keeping it up.

Lovely to have the Christmas photos in the album so quickly - not something I usually manage.

I think your headband looks quite hippy!