Saturday, 3 January 2009


I love this, went out to the garden today as it was really sunny to have a survey of what needs tidying. I promised the childminding babies that I would sort out the garden by fencing off the uneven part so that they could get to the play house and have some outside time at home. We haven't been using the garden the last few months, just going out to the park alot and they have missed the play house. Anyway to cut a long story short, I'll be busy tomorrow!!!! The picnic set was out and had iced over so when i lifted a cup out the whole lot was stuck in the ice, my 2 thought it was 'well cool'!!!

This second photo is a LO I did using the sketch from I wanted to keep it really clean and simple to emphasise the freedom and clean start I felt when getting rid of all the old paperwork that was cluttering up my drawers all around the house. It was a great feeling watching it all burn away.


mandijane said...

That picture is sooooo cool it's ice...heheheehe

my5bratz said...

love the "fire and ice" shots...

your book looks great too, sounds like your birthdays near xmas like mine (jan 1st)...I want a friend who sends me albums (instead of being THE friend)


LazyKay said...

I love the layout - I like uncluttered.

LOL @ the iced up tea set - it really does look arty - maybe a Turner Prize entry?


kikimama said...

Wow, love the photo of the tea set!