Sunday, 18 January 2009

Self Portrait Sunday

I got an award which I wanted to thank Ginny for, I will forward this award in the week. Thanks very much.

I got Gary to take this photo today as i couldn't do it on the self timer!!

I love my car, I'm the only driver in the house, so the lifts, etc. are down to me. I love to drive and will drive anywhere, I drove to London to work 4 days a week when we first moved which mostly I enjoyed. I like the long drive to Devon to see my family, either on the motorway or down the A303 depending on the time of day( A303 day, Motorway, night) and the kids are really good when we go and have landmarks so they know roughly how much longer, without asking too often!!

It seemed apt todays photo was with my lovely blue 1.2 Fiat Punto.


kikimama said...

Great idea to take a photo of you in your car.

LazyKay said...

Nice to see a photo of you and you're trusty steed. I'm a non driver so I know how much you will be relied on and it's lucky you enjoy it.


Amanda said...

Nice to see the lovely Burgess Hill in the background there:)
Hopefully my driving in a couple of weeks won't put you off wanting future lifts:P!