Friday, 2 January 2009

2nd day

I have been taking these berocca for the last couple of weeks, I love the slogan from the advert

'you but on a really good day'

and decided that's how I wanted to feel so I've been taking them to see if I feel any bouncier not that I was particularly unbouncy but you know how it is with work, kids, life, etc. I'll see how I feel next week when I'm back in the swing of minding, school runs, etc. I decided to hail them in todays photo.

It has been a lovely day here today quite sunny so we went out to 2 parks, the kids had so much fun on the curly slide!! and bumped into a friend in the first park so a good time was had by all. They should sleep well all that fresh air.


Miss Natz said...

I take a lot of Berocca as they are a good way to get my vitamins. I seem to find they work for me, not sure if it's psychosomatic or something, but they perk me up halfway through the afternoon.

And yes, the pants and socks thing made me giggle when I wrote it down, but my Great Nan always said 'imagine if you had to have emergency medical help and you were wearing grundy undies' bless her!! So I'm gonna take her advice for once!

LazyKay said...

Hope they restore your fizz!