Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Cookies & College

The Childminding babies and I have been making cookies today, everyone thought they were yummy and the big ones were very excited by fresh cookies when they came in from school. Heart, Stars, Circles and some very odd shapes!! I also started back at College after the Christmas break. I'm doing a Diploma in Homebased Childcare, I'm just more than half way and will be finished by the summer.

It doesn't want to upload my photos today I'll try again tomorrow.

Hopefully here are the pictures

When we ate them though they went a bit crunchy not sure how to make them softer!!


LazyKay said...

So.............where's the picture of the cookies then, or didn't they last long enough for you to get one?

WELL DONE on your progress with your diploma - wow, you've made your heels crack on that one - I'd say 'good luck' but I know you won't need it as you're sure to pass with flying colours.


Elizabeth said...

Sounds like a fun day - those cookies are calling to me LOL!

LazyKay said...

OK, pleased to see the pics now.

Home made cookes ARE crunchy - well, mine are, so I guess they are supposed to be.

They look yummy!