Thursday, 15 January 2009

New Phone

My old phone was dying a slow death, saying the battery was dead when it had a call, not ringing out loud just vibrating, etc. So after 6 months of putting it off I got a new phone today, half price in the sale so I was pleased. I couldn't get a decent pic of it as I left it too late & it was dark so I will photograph it again tomorrow.


my5bratz said...

yay...a new phone

LOVE checking out what the gang has been up to...and I left something for you on my blog ;0)

LazyKay said...

Well done on your bargain - mine's an antique - hope it keeps going for a while but I think it's on its way out because the batter runs down so quickly now.

Does yours take photos - all the better to add to your albums eh?