Tuesday, 27 January 2009


This is a regular site on our kitchen table although usually at the weekend but last Friday Charlotte forgot to bring her homework home so she had to do it over last night and tonight.

Very difficult maths!!! to begin with but we did it together and once we got in the swing of it she knows how to do it, hooray. I was never the best at maths but 'Mr Thomas' (my old maths teacher) would have been proud of me tonight!! I thought it deserved a photo. I appreciate Year 6 sats aren't going to be the hardest problems we face but it's a start.


Caryn said...

EEk, maths still gives me the heebie jeebies!! Well done you on conquering that particular challenge - wait till the GCSE's!!!

Caryn xxx

Sarah said...

Isn't it fun doing homework all over again - i now have it from Son & Daughter, every night.
Maths - yuk!!!!
Well done on completing.

Have fun

Catherine said...

I am a teacher and have a year six class at the moment. So I too have to brush up on my maths every evening before I teach them!! Thankfully they are a fantastic class so no problem there. Just off to set my maths homework for my class!!

Jo Power said...

Eek math homework I hate it. Every Friday my daughter brings hers home and every week I have to help her at the mo she is in year 3 and doing times tables. Hope will come to you when it starts to get really hard LOL. xx

Kerry said...

I'm doing a keeping up with the kids maths course at the moment and OMG it is sooooo different to how I was taught.

LazyKay said...

Oh, my knees are knocking - NUMBERS! I don't do numbers - words, yes, numbers no! So, well done you!


kelly said...

i pass the book to the OH! i didnt do it at school so im not doin it now, not sure if its a good thing ive gone back to uni lol