Saturday, 3 January 2009

Hair cut

George loves his hair, he always has wanted long hair ever since he could express an opinion (quite young!!) I did get it cut once when he first started pre school and it looked cute but he hated it even at that young age so we let him grow it again and just had it trimmed. Today we compromised and he had it cut out of his eyes and the length shortened at the back, it looks so cute!!!




Miss Natz said...

Aww his hair looks really nice and smart!

my5bratz said...

looks great!!!! and love the cat pic...out cat used to love to lay on the keyboard when I was typing...what can you do!!!

beats..the dog ate my homework!!!

Biskit said...

Love the haircut. My DS doesn't want his hair cut like the other boys, but he lets me trim it if it starts to get in his eyes. Bless him, he is only 3 though.

LazyKay said...

He looks great in both pictures - I think it's great that he has opinions about how he wants to look and that he's allowed to express them.


Caro said...

What a good looking young man! I love the pose in the after shot...he could be a model when he gets older!