Monday, 5 January 2009

Lovely to look at but a bit chilly!!

SNOW, we woke up to a covering of snow today, the kids had to go back to school so we alked to school in the snow making prints and snow angels, brrr.

I only had one minding baby while the others were at pre school so we made the worlds smallest snowman!! (can you see it) but Brooke who was 2 today as well was very happy with it as you can see from her face.

Here's a close up, he has small cat biscuits for eyes!!


Mary B said...

I love making little snowmen too but didn't manage to do so today, I think yours are definitely smaller than any I have made.

rachel said...

aww thats so cute, more than we have sadly!

Biskit said...

Thats a fab snowman!

LazyKay said...

How cute! A lovely photo for the albumif you gave Mum a copy (and she's into albums).


daydreamer said...

It may be the smallest snowman, but its definately the cutest!
I forgot to make a snowman when the snow came on monday, mind you my kids are 16,16 & 13, so i don't think they'd want to make one anymore!but next time i will make one & take a photo! lol
Rach x

kikimama said...

Aww bless, that's a cute snowman!