Thursday, 8 January 2009

Fried Eggs

These are one of my fav foods, Gary even said I make them better than him today, which has to be a first as I'm a rubbish cook and he likes to cook and rustles up some delicious dinners. I've decided to take photos of the kids on the weekends as it's a bit pressured on weekdays with everyone here and them being at school all day.

Todays photo is very eggsxting!!!!


Jo Bee said...

Lol! great pic, all it needed was a curly sausage at the bottom for a smile!

Taniaj said...

great photos Linds I love the Icy one, sometimes its nice to have a fresh look at stuff tx

LazyKay said...

I love, eggs, fried/boiled/poached/srambled and in omlettes (?sp) - I know they are supposed to be rationed because of the cholesterol in them but hey, something has to get you doesn't it?

Love the pic. Nice quick, cheap meal - better than a burger!