Sunday, 25 January 2009


I was tagged by Ginny and Vicki thanks Girls, this is a fun tag. You have to go to the photo's on your pc, go to the 6th folder and find the 6th picture and upload it to here,

My 6th album was an album of photos George has taken and this here is the 6th photo, a lego man!!

I can never decide who to tag so today I've tagged the last 4 people to post on the uks blogathon, as I love everyone's blogs on there.

Have Fun with this tag.



~Vicki~ said...

hehe i love your photo!!!

my5bratz said...

yay George...we all got good

LazyKay said...

What a funny tag! LOL!


Jo Power said...

Thank you for the tag I loved that. Nice to know people are reading it and I'm not just talking to myself.
Love your photo.

Catherine said...

Thanks for the tag!!. I too love the fact people are looking at my stuff.