Sunday, 4 January 2009

Cats sleep anywhere

I was going to finish off the college essay that I got halfway through this morning, but.....

well as you can see, what's a girl to do wouldn't want to disturb him!!.
Can you tell Ijust shoved everything up and didn't tidy, whoops, photographic evidence of my messy weekend/holiday craft space. Must put it all away tonight.


Syahid said...

Heyy it's a wonderful blog you have here =) wish you Happy New Year!

Sarah said...

Thats one cute cat - how could you disturb him.
Hope you managed to finish your essay!!!!

Take care

Mary B said...

Ah bless him and don't cats all like to be where you really don't want them.

LazyKay said...

LOL - looks as if you've shot the cat! Wish I could relax as much as that.