Saturday, 31 January 2009

Kids Photo Saturday

The kids were willing posers today, next Saturday I must take one outside otherwise I just keep showing pis of my half decorated house, we may be finished by the time the kids leave home!!!
Charlotte has been out all day at her friends and they also went into town together (such big girls now) and George and I had a good day building K-nex models, a bridge and some vehicles. K-nex is such cool stuff, we also played Lego Starwars on the Wii, I'm rubbish at it but George doesn't seem to mind too much and only shouts at me from time to time!!!


my5bratz said...

gee they're like you, mostly your daughter...mine hardly ever let me get a nice pic like that!!!

~Vicki~ said...

ah your daughter looks so like you!! glad you managed to get some piccies xxx

LazyKay said...

Oh I remember that, going to town with my friends - so exciting (not so now - getting boring shopping and can't wait to get home!)

Love this picture - they look so chirpy.

(BTW re the decorating and getting it done by the time the leave home - don't bank on it - we never seem to have ours finished!)